About Me


I am pursuing a master's degree in investigative and data reporting, with an emphasis in television producing. I want to specialize in deciphering and analyzing the complex information many people may not have access to otherwise. I think the stories that come out of investigative and data work allow people to be more engaged and empowered participants in the world around them, and I want to make that happen. 


As an undergraduate student, I emphasized in emerging media, which means my skill set is diverse: from video to audio, writing to photography and social media to infographics to 360 video and virtual reality. As with my master's degree, my goal in all that I do is to thoughtfully and intentionally create work that best tells the story for the news consumer. 




I'm a Colorado native, but right now, I'm living in Columbia, Missouri to earn my master's degree in journalism. I love to travel and discover new places, which is one of the reasons I went out of state for college...twice, and one of the reasons I decided to intern in Washington, D.C. and intern abroad in Brussels, Belgium. One of my strengths is the ability to adapt to new environments and situations with ease. I love the opportunities new places provide to meet new people and become more culturally aware. And I think this in turn makes me a better journalist. 

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