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About Me


I am a journalist for life. I could not imagine doing anything else in the world. Even on the worst days, I love what I do. As a journalist and a producer, I want to create a world where news engages and empowers people to have important conversations with the people in their lives across all backgrounds and beliefs. My goal in all that I do is to thoughtfully and intentionally create work that best serves the people at home watching, listening and reading what I produce.  











I'm a Colorado native, a Memphis transplant, and a proud graduate of University of Missouri twice over. I love to travel and discover new places, both as a tourist and a resident, which is one of the reasons I went out of state for college... twice, and decided to intern in Washington, D.C. and intern abroad in Brussels, Belgium. One of my strengths is the ability to adapt to new environments and situations with ease. I love learning what makes every place and the people who call it home unique. Both personally and professionally, I'm a politics junkie. I will talk about it with anyone, interested or otherwise, and I believe deeply in writing about it. So naturally one of my favorite TV shows of all time is West Wing. A close second is Gilmore Girls. And the newest contender for third place is Ted Lasso. Other fun facts about me? I have a dog named Sunny, and we love going on runs and hikes together. I am your stereotypical Coloradan and do enjoy camping, skiing and snowboarding. I can play piano, but don't get to play as often as I like. Wanna know more? 

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