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I spent nearly four months working abroad in Brussels, Belgium at the broadcast agency Feature Story News in 2017. Each day, I wrote and voiced stories from across the European Union. Feature Story News then distributed these stories to radio stations across the world in a wire service.


As part of my work with PolitiFact Missouri, I collaborated with another reporter to create an introductory video for Missouri's first-ever PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter: the Greitens Gauge. During my time at Vox Magazine, I pitched and filmed stories like the video you see below about the Missouri Contemporary Ballet. I also filmed videos as multimedia elements for other reporters' print articles.


German cyclist bicycles coast-to-coast to raise awareness for children with rare diseases

Mizzou's theater company performs a modern rendition of the classic play Antigone

While working for Vox Magazine, I shot photos for an article on the University of Missouri's rendition of the play Antigone. The director wanted to revamp the classical play by using old salvaged TV sets and computer screens to display prerecorded videos and voiceovers that would replace the traditional Greek chorus. I shot these photos during their rehearsal, so the article could run as a preview of the play before opening night. 

Mizzou's all-female Acapella group, the Naturelles, prepares for competition

I shot photos and recorded interviews of the University of Missouri's all-female Acapella group The Naturelles. I shot these photos during their rehearsal as they prepared for competition. I eventually developed these photos into an audio slideshow.
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