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Facebook & Twitter

As part of my work on the Columbia Missourian outreach team, I was responsible for sharing our stories via social media. Below is a sampling of posts I wrote for the Missourian Facebook and Twitter. 

Facebook Live

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens holds a press conference in response to investigative report

I coordinated with one of our Missourian state government reporters and editor live at Missouri's Capitol to set up the video feed prior to this press conference and a subsequent one. I then moderated comments throughout this press conference and the one following it held by House leadership. 

Columbia displays its Living Windows Festival

I coordinated with the Vox outreach editor to notify our audience of the Facebook Live ahead of time. I was then responsible for setting up and maintaining the Facebook Live feed, filming for the duration of the event and moderating any comments. This was a lighter topic so I made sure to reflect the appropriate tone in my narration. This Facebook Live had the highest audience engagement of all Vox content that month. 

Community Conversations

An audience engagement strategy we used on the Missourian outreach team was to aggregate readers' comments on a popular topic in the news and create a "conversations" piece. We were able to create a meaningful two-way conversation between the reporters who covered the topic and the people who it impacted. In the case below, I gathered readers' comments about the Missouri governor's proposed budget cuts to higher education. 

January 28, 2018

CONVERSATIONS: Greitens' proposed budget cuts to higher education 

Missourians spoke out above Gov. Eric Greitens' budget proposal, which would cut almost $98 million to higher education appropriations across the state. 

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