For this show, I produced team coverage on a major snowstorm that came through Columbia, Missouri. I included bams with snow footage to play up the anchor tosses and tags to reporter stories. I also used the MoDOT travel map to build out our winter weather coverage. And we asked for photos from viewers on how they were spending their snow day. I built those in to transition into our long weather hit. 
We opened with breaking news for this show. I also built out an important story about two deaths at a local college in Columbia, Missouri. The deaths were part of a string of deaths that we had been following for a few weeks.
This was one of my favorite shows to produce most recently. I love politics, so watching the 2020 presidential primary debate at 8 p.m. to collect content for the 9 p.m. show was a rush. I liked the way the debate recap turned out. I used a variety of graphics and bams in this show that I think helped the stories transition from one to another smoothly.